About Me

Sloane Park

In 1996, I believe GOD had a plan for me that would change my life forever. I was in a serious car accident that forced me to re-evaluate my health. No longer could I continue running long distances and lifting weights, nor being a personal trainer and aerobic instructor. I had to find a healing lifestyle of staying well – YOGA!

I discovered YOGA because it was the only way for me to manage my physical pain, and the more I practiced and stretched my extremely tight body, the better I felt. My passion for yoga grew quickly and I wanted to share this gift with others who were hurting physically and emotionally. Having practiced with many of the Great Yoga teachers, like Dharma Mitra, David Life,Sharon Gannon, and Bryan Kest just to name a few, I believe it’s so important to have a yoga teacher and continue being a student and to never stop being humbled. Also Julie Boyd and Susie Caicedo are incredible teachers who have inspired me tremendously. One of my greatest yoga achievements was to operate and own YogaIsland in FM for many wonderful years and to meet and watch the growth of so many fantastic students and teachers. There, I created a teacher training program and certified over 100 instructors.  My new goal is to introduce more of you to my Anti Gravity YOGA program that I mastered in NYC and now teach here in Flower Mound at Urban Vybe.

I am now the mom of 3 wonderful children, and I love taking care of my family.  While God and family come first, I also enjoy traveling country-wide and teaching yoga workshops as I share my passion for yoga.  I also have many valuable years experience in Nutrition and PreNatal Yoga. I often consult privately, teach group classes and workshops.  I hope I see you on the yoga mat, and we can share this incredible gift of joy and wellness together.

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HOPE for tomorrow starts with GRATITUDE for today.

We are Blessed to be a Blessing.